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Together, Jennie and Dana are dedicated to helping others to create and achieve work/ life balance through education, consulting, and mentoring.

Both staunch students, they love to learn and share their experience and expertise with others. Though they go about it in different ways, their focus is the same, wellness of your physical and mental spaces.

Be perfectly imperfect with BeWELL!


Jennie Stallings
Founder/ Partner

Jennie has over 25 years experience across the US, Middle East, and Africa, as an Ergonomic Specialist, Wellness Consultant, Interior Designer, and self-proclaimed furniture guru.

Jennie has spent her career driven to provide people with spaces in which they will thrive. She has done so as a residential and commercial Interior Designer, workplace wellness consultant, ergonomic specialist, and an educator. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and became a certified WELL AP in 2019.

Jennie loves to learn and share her knowledge and passion with others. However, it is her passion for the beauty and functionality of space, as well as heath and wellness in the work environment that drove her to start BeWELL LLC. A space where she can live, learn, work and thrive.

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Dana Ariss

Dana has spent that past 23 years sharing her experience and knowledge with others. She started off her career working at a center for children with special needs and was an elementary school teacher before going on to teach at universities in Lebanon and Dubai for 15 years. Today she teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Meditating, practicing mindfulness and yoga bring a sense of peace, love and balance to her life. Sharing that with others is her purpose. The contentment Dana feels after teaching a mindfulness/yoga session is unparalleled - there is a certain sort of magic to tapping into the collective consciousness.

Dana has always had a love for learning and teaching. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in School Counseling. An eternal student, Dana believes that one never stops learning.

In 2016 Dana embarked on a spiritual journey leading her to a 200 hr yoga teacher training in Dubai with YogaWorks and the yogic path took her to India where she completed her advanced yoga training with YogaFirst. She is also trained in meditation, mindfulness and recovery coaching.

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Education - We are passionate about learning and sharing our knowledge and experience with others.

Collaboration - We believe in working together, sharing ideas and skills to achieve our goals .

Transparency - What you see is what you get.

Sustainability - We strive to leave a positive impact on the environment.

Social Responsibility - We believe it is our moral obligation to be of service and support to our communities near and far.

Creativity - Curiosity fuels creativity, which in turn inspires innovation.

Wellbeing - To us, it's all about having a balance in the various areas of our life wherein we feel good about ourselves and how we are doing.